API: Sort the list of zettel metadata

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If not specified, the list of zettel is sorted descending by the value of the zettel identifier. The highest zettel identifier, which is a number, comes first. You change that with the _sort query parameter. Alternatively, you can also use the _order query parameter. It is an alias.

Its value is the name of a metadata key, optionally prefixed with a hyphen-minus character (-, U+002D). According to the type of a metadata key, the list of zettel is sorted. If hyphen-minus is given, the order is descending, else ascending.

If you want a random list of zettel, specify the value _random in place of the metadata key. _sort=_random (or _order=_random) is the query parameter in this case. If can be combined with _limit=1 to obtain just one random zettel.

Currently, only the first occurrence of _sort is recognized. In the future it will be possible to specify a combined sort key.