ZJSON Encoding: Mapping of Metadata Key Types to Object Names

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Note: ZJSON encoding will be deprecated in v0.11

Every Metadata key is mapped to an object name where its value is encoded.

TypeJSON Object NameRemark
Credential"s"A string with the decrypted credential.
EString"s"A possibly empty string.
Identifier"s"A string containing a zettel identifier.
IdentifierSet"y"An array of strings containing zettel identifier.
Number"s"A string containing a numeric value.
String"s"A non-empty string.
TagSet"y"An array of string containing zettel tags.
Timestamp"s"A string containing a timestamp in the format YYYYMMDDHHmmSS.
URL"s"A string containing an URL.
Word"s"A string containing a word (no space characters)
WordSet"y"An array of strings containing words.
Zettelmarkup"i"A sequence of inline-structured elements.

Please note, that metadata is weakly typed. Every metadata key expects a certain type. But the user is free to enter something different. For example, even if the metadata type is number, its value could still be abc. However, the mapping itself is always valid.