ZJSON Encoding: List of Valid Zettelmarkup Element Objects Names

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Note: ZJSON encoding will be deprecated in v0.11

Every Zettelmarkup element is mapped to a JSON object with some well defined names / keys.

NameJSON ValueMeaning
""stringThe type of the Zettelmarkup element.
"a"objectAdditional attributes of the element.
"b"arrayA sequence of block-structured elements.
"c"arrayA sequence of a sequence of (sub-) list elements or inline-structured elements. Used for nested lists.
"d"arrayA sequence of description list elements, where each element is an object of a definition term and a list of descriptions.
"e"arrayA sequence of descriptions: a JSON array of simple description, which is itself a JSON array of block structured elements.
"i"arrayA sequence of inline-structured elements.
"j"objectAn objects describing a BLOB element.
"n"numberA numeric value, e.g. for specifying the heading level.
"o"stringA base64 encoded binary value. Used in some BLOB elements.
"p"arrayA sequence of two elements: a sequence of table header value, followed by a sequence of sequence of table row values.
"q"stringA second string value, if ""s"" is already used.
"s"stringThe first / major string value of an element.
"v"stringA third string value, if ""q"" is already used.