How to build Zettelstore


You must install the following software:

See folder docs/development (a zettel box) for details.

Clone the repository

Most of this is covered by the excellent Fossil documentation.

  1. Create a directory to store your Fossil repositories. Let's assume, you have created $HOME/fossils.
  2. Clone the repository: fossil clone https://zettelstore.de/ $HOME/fossils/zettelstore.fossil.
  3. Create a working directory. Let's assume, you have created $HOME/zettelstore.
  4. Change into this directory: cd $HOME/zettelstore.
  5. Open development: fossil open $HOME/fossils/zettelstore.fossil.

(If you are not able to use Fossil, you could try the GitHub mirror https://github.com/zettelstore/zettelstore.)

The build tool

In directory tools there is a Go file called build.go. It automates most aspects, (hopefully) platform-independent.

The script is called as:

go run tools/build.go [-v] COMMAND

The flag -v enables the verbose mode. It outputs all commands called by the tool.

Some important COMMANDs are:

Therefore, the easiest way to build your own version of the Zettelstore software is to execute the command

go run tools/build.go build

In case of errors, please send the output of the verbose execution:

go run tools/build.go -v build