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Difference From v0.7.0 To trunk

Update to yuin/goldmark v1.5.1 ... (Leaf check-in: ce74eb3a8d user: stern tags: trunk)
API: make GET /z an alias for GET /q. Redundant code and documentation is removed. ... (check-in: 7cde054317 user: stern tags: trunk)
Increase version to 0.7.1-dev to begin release update development cycle ... (check-in: f005505248 user: stern tags: release-0.7)
Increase version to 0.8.0-dev to begin next development cycle ... (check-in: 97bb0f0d93 user: t73fde tags: trunk)
Version 0.7.0 ... (check-in: f2b8d470c7 user: stern tags: trunk, release, v0.7.0)
Update to newest go/x/crypto, go/x/sys ... (check-in: 61528d5462 user: stern tags: trunk)

Changes to VERSION.

Changes to ast/inline.go.

Changes to box/manager/collect.go.

Changes to box/manager/indexer.go.

Changes to box/manager/memstore/memstore.go.

Changes to box/manager/store/zettel.go.

Changes to cmd/cmd_run.go.

Changes to docs/manual/00001006020000.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001007031100.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001007031140.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001007040000.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001007040310.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001007040324.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001007790000.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001010070200.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001012000000.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001012051200.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001012051400.zettel.

Deleted docs/manual/00001012051840.zettel.

Deleted docs/manual/00001012052400.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001012053400.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001012080500.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001012920000.zettel.

Changes to domain/meta/meta.go.

Changes to encoder/sexprenc/transform.go.

Changes to encoder/textenc/textenc.go.

Changes to encoder/zjsonenc/zjsonenc.go.

Changes to encoder/zmkenc/zmkenc.go.

Changes to encoding/rss/rss.go.

Changes to evaluator/evaluator.go.

Changes to go.mod.

Changes to go.sum.

Added input/entity.go.

Added input/entity_test.go.

Changes to input/input.go.

Changes to input/input_test.go.

Changes to parser/pikchr/internal/pikchr.go.

Changes to parser/pikchr/internal/pikchr.y.

Changes to parser/zettelmark/inline.go.

Changes to parser/zettelmark/zettelmark_test.go.

Changes to query/query.go.

Changes to usecase/lists.go.

Changes to web/adapter/api/command.go.

Deleted web/adapter/api/get_lists.go.

Changes to web/adapter/api/get_unlinked_refs.go.

Changes to web/adapter/api/get_zettel_context.go.

Changes to web/adapter/api/get_zettel_list.go.

Changes to web/adapter/api/query.go.

Changes to web/adapter/api/request.go.

Changes to web/adapter/request.go.

Changes to web/adapter/webui/get_zettel.go.

Changes to web/adapter/webui/htmlgen.go.

Changes to web/adapter/webui/webui.go.

Changes to www/changes.wiki.

Changes to www/download.wiki.

Changes to www/index.wiki.