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Difference From version-0.0.13 To trunk

Remove support for list paging in WebUI ... (Leaf check-in: 88c5a4462e user: stern tags: trunk)
Add supported metadata key 'place-number' ... (check-in: 03e324830a user: stern tags: trunk)
Increase version to 0.0.14-dev to begin next development cycle ... (check-in: 7dd6f4dd5c user: stern tags: trunk)
Version 0.0.13 ... (check-in: 11d9b6da63 user: stern tags: trunk, release, version-0.0.13)
Log output while starting Command Line Server ... (check-in: 968a91bbaa user: stern tags: trunk)

Changes to VERSION.

Changes to ast/ast.go.

Changes to ast/block.go.

Changes to ast/inline.go.

Deleted ast/traverser.go.

Deleted ast/visitor.go.

Added ast/walk.go.

Changes to collect/collect.go.

Changes to collect/order.go.

Changes to config/config.go.

Changes to docs/manual/00001004010000.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001004020000.zettel.

Changes to docs/manual/00001006020000.zettel.

Changes to domain/meta/meta.go.

Changes to encoder/htmlenc/block.go.

Changes to encoder/htmlenc/htmlenc.go.

Changes to encoder/htmlenc/inline.go.

Changes to encoder/htmlenc/visitor.go.

Changes to encoder/jsonenc/djsonenc.go.

Changes to encoder/nativeenc/nativeenc.go.

Changes to encoder/textenc/textenc.go.

Changes to encoder/zmkenc/zmkenc.go.

Changes to kernel/impl/cfg.go.

Changes to parser/cleaner/cleaner.go.

Changes to parser/markdown/markdown.go.

Changes to parser/none/none.go.

Changes to parser/plain/plain.go.

Changes to parser/zettelmark/block.go.

Changes to parser/zettelmark/inline.go.

Changes to parser/zettelmark/node.go.

Changes to parser/zettelmark/post-processor.go.

Changes to parser/zettelmark/zettelmark_test.go.

Changes to place/constplace/constplace.go.

Changes to place/constplace/listzettel.mustache.

Changes to place/dirplace/dirplace.go.

Changes to place/fileplace/fileplace.go.

Changes to place/fileplace/zipplace.go.

Changes to place/manager/collect.go.

Changes to place/manager/enrich.go.

Changes to place/manager/indexer.go.

Changes to place/manager/manager.go.

Changes to place/manager/place.go.

Changes to place/manager/store/store.go.

Changes to place/memplace/memplace.go.

Changes to place/place.go.

Changes to place/progplace/progplace.go.

Changes to tests/regression_test.go.

Changes to web/adapter/encoding.go.

Changes to web/adapter/webui/htmlmeta.go.

Changes to web/adapter/webui/lists.go.

Changes to www/changes.wiki.