Introduction to the Zettelstore

Personal knowledge management is about collecting, classifying, storing, searching, retrieving, assessing, evaluating, and sharing knowledge as a daily activity. Personal knowledge management is done by most people, not necessarily as part of their main business. It is essential for knowledge workers, like students, researchers, lecturers, software developers, scientists, engineers, architects, to name a few. Many hobbyists build up a significant amount of knowledge, even if the do not need to think for a living. Personal knowledge management can be seen as a prerequisite for many kinds of collaboration.

Zettelstore is a software that collects and relates your notes (“zettel”) to represent and enhance your knowledge. It helps with many tasks of personal knowledge management by explicitly supporting the “Zettelkasten method”. The method is based on creating many individual notes, each with one idea or information, that are related to each other. Since knowledge is typically build up gradually, one major focus is a long-term store of these notes, hence the name “Zettelstore”.