Configuration of Zettelstore

There are some levels to change the behavior and/or the appearance of Zettelstore.

  1. The first level is the way to start Zettelstore services and to manage it via command line (and, in part, via a graphical user interface).

  2. As an intermediate user, you usually want to have more control over how Zettelstore is started. This may include the URI under which your Zettelstore is accessible, or the directories in which your Zettel are stored. You may want to permanently store the command line parameters so that you don't have to specify them every time you start Zettelstore.

  3. The last level is configuring the running Zettelstore. For example, you can configure the default language of your Zettelstore.

If you have enabled the administrator console, either via command-line parameters or via the startup configuration file, you can control the inner workings of Zettelstore even further.