Configure memory boxes

Under most circumstances, it is preferable to further configure a memory box. This is done by appending query parameters after the base box URI mem:.

The following parameters are supported:

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueMaximum value
max-bytesMaximum number of bytes the box will store655351073741824 (1 GiB)
max-zettelMaximum number of zettel12765535

The default values are somehow arbitrarily, but applicable for many use cases.

While the number of zettel should be easily calculable by an user, the number of bytes might be a little more difficult.

Metadata consumes 6 bytes for the zettel identifier and for each metadata value one byte for the separator, plus the length of key and data. Then size of the content is its size in bytes. For text content, its the number of bytes for its UTF-8 encoding.

If one of the limits are exceeded, Zettelstore will give an error indication, based on the HTTP status code 507.