Number Key Type

Values of this type denote a numeric integer value.

Allowed values

Must be a sequence of digits (“0”–“9”), optionally prefixed with a “-” or a “+” character.

Query comparison

Search operators for equality (“equal” or “not equal”, “has” or “not has”), for lesser values (“less” or “not less”), or for greater values (“greater” or “not greater”) are executed by converting both the search value and the metadata value into integer values and then comparing them numerically. Integer values must be in the range -9223372036854775808 … 9223372036854775807. Comparisons with metadata values outside this range always returns a negative match. Comparisons with search values outside this range will be executed as a comparison of the string representation values.

All other comparisons (“match”, “not match”, “prefix”, “not prefix”, “suffix”, and “not suffix”) are done on the given string representation of the number. In this case, the number “+12” will be treated as different to the number “12”.


Sorting is done by comparing the numeric values.