Design goals for the Zettelstore

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Zettelstore supports the following design goals:

Longevity of stored notes / zettel
Every zettel you create should be readable without the help of any tool, even without Zettelstore.
It should be not hard to write other software that works with your zettel.
Single user
All zettel belong to you, only to you. Zettelstore provides its services only to one person: you. If your device is securely configured, there should be no risk that others are able to read or update your zettel.
If you want, you can customize Zettelstore in a way that some specific or all persons are able to read some of your zettel.
Ease of installation
If you want to use the Zettelstore software, all you need is to copy the executable to an appropriate file directory and start working.
Upgrading the software is done just by replacing the executable with a newer one.
Ease of operation
There is only one executable for Zettelstore and one directory, where your zettel are stored.
If you decide to use multiple directories, you are free to configure Zettelstore appropriately.
Multiple modes of operation
You can use Zettelstore as a standalone software on your device, but you are not restricted to it.
You can install the software on a central server, or you can install it on all your devices with no restrictions how to synchronize your zettel.
Multiple user interfaces
Zettelstore provides a default web-based user interface. Anybody can provide alternative user interfaces, e.g. for special purposes.
Simple service
The purpose of Zettelstore is to safely store your zettel and to provide some initial relations between them.
External software can be written to deeply analyze your zettel and the structures they form.