List of predefined zettel

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The following table lists all predefined zettel with their purpose.1

00000000000001Zettelstore VersionContains the version string of the running Zettelstore
00000000000002Zettelstore HostContains the name of the computer running the Zettelstore
00000000000003Zettelstore Operating SystemContains the operating system and CPU architecture of the computer running the Zettelstore
00000000000004Zettelstore LicenseLists the license of Zettelstore
00000000000005Zettelstore ContributorsLists all contributors of Zettelstore
00000000000006Zettelstore DependenciesLists all licensed content
00000000000007Zettelstore LogLists the last 8192 log messages
00000000000008Zettelstore MemorySome statistics about main memory usage
00000000000009Zettelstore Sx EngineStatistics about the Sx engine, which interprets symbolic expressions
00000000000020Zettelstore Box ManagerContains some statistics about zettel boxes and the the index process
00000000000090Zettelstore Supported Metadata KeysContains all supported metadata keys, their types, and more
00000000000092Zettelstore Supported ParserLists all supported values for metadata syntax that are recognized by Zettelstore
00000000000096Zettelstore Startup ConfigurationContains the effective values of the startup configuration
00000000000100Zettelstore Runtime ConfigurationAllows to configure Zettelstore at runtime
00000000000102Zettelstore WarningsWarnings about potential problematic zettel identifier
00000000010100Zettelstore Base HTML TemplateContains the general layout of the HTML view
00000000010200Zettelstore Login Form HTML TemplateLayout of the login form, when authentication is enabled
00000000010300Zettelstore List Zettel HTML TemplateUsed when displaying a list of zettel
00000000010401Zettelstore Detail HTML TemplateLayout for the HTML detail view of one zettel
00000000010402Zettelstore Info HTML TemplateLayout for the information view of a specific zettel
00000000010403Zettelstore Form HTML TemplateForm that is used to create a new or to change an existing zettel that contains text
00000000010404Zettelstore Rename Form HTML TemplateView that is displayed to change the zettel identifier
00000000010405Zettelstore Delete HTML TemplateView to confirm the deletion of a zettel
00000000010700Zettelstore Error HTML TemplateView to show an error message
00000000019000Zettelstore Sxn Start CodeStarting point of sxn functions to build the templates
00000000019990Zettelstore Sxn Base CodeBase sxn functions to build the templates
00000000020001Zettelstore Base CSSSystem-defined CSS file that is included by the Base HTML Template
00000000025001Zettelstore User CSSUser-defined CSS file that is included by the Base HTML Template
00000000040001Generic EmojiImage that is shown if original image reference is invalid
00000000060010zettelRole zettel for the role “zettel
00000000060020confgurationRole zettel for the role “confguration
00000000060030roleRole zettel for the role “role
00000000060040tagRole zettel for the role “tag
00000000090000New MenuContains items that should be in the zettel template menu
00000000090001New ZettelTemplate for a new zettel with role “zettel
00000000090002New UserTemplate for a new user zettel
00000000090003New TagTemplate for a new tag zettel
00000000090004New RoleTemplate for a new role zettel
00009999999998Zettelstore Application DirectoryMaps application name to application specific zettel
00010000000000HomeDefault home zettel, contains some welcome information

If a zettel is not linked, it is not accessible for the current user. In most cases, you must at least enable expert-mode.

Important: All identifier may change until a stable version of the software is released.

  1. Zettel identifier format will be migrated to a new format after version 0.19. ↩︎