00010000000000 · Info · (zettel)

Thank you for using Zettelstore!

You will find the lastest information about Zettelstore at https://zettelstore.de. Check that website regulary for upgrades to the latest version. You should consult the change log before upgrading. Sometimes, you have to edit some of your Zettelstore-related zettel before upgrading. Since Zettelstore is currently in a development state, every upgrade might fix some of your problems.

If you have problems concerning Zettelstore, do not hesitate to get in contact with the main developer.

Reporting errors

If you have encountered an error, please include the content of the following zettel in your mail (if possible):

Additionally, you have to describe, what you have done before that error occurs and what you have expected instead. Please do not forget to include the error message, if there is one.

Some of above Zettelstore zettel can only be retrieved if you enabled “expert mode”. Otherwise, only some zettel are linked. To enable expert mode, edit the zettel Zettelstore Runtime Configuration: please set the metadata value of the key expert-mode to true. To do you, enter the string expert-mode:true inside the edit view of the metadata.

Information about this zettel

This zettel is your home zettel. It is part of the Zettelstore software itself. Every time you click on the Home link in the menu bar, you will be redirected to this zettel.

You can change the content of this zettel by clicking on “Edit” above. This allows you to customize your home zettel.

Alternatively, you can designate another zettel as your home zettel. Edit the Zettelstore Runtime Configuration by adding the metadata key home-zettel. Its value is the identifier of the zettel that should act as the new home zettel. You will find the identifier of each zettel between their “Edit” and the “Info” link above. The identifier of this zettel is 00010000000000. If you provide a wrong identifier, this zettel will be shown as the home zettel. Take a look inside the manual for further details.