Installation of the Zettelstore software

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The curious user

You just want to check out the Zettelstore software

The intermediate user

You already tried the Zettelstore software and now you want to use it permanently.

The server administrator

You want to provide a shared Zettelstore that can be used from your various devices. Installing Zettelstore as a Linux service is not that hard.

Grab the appropriate executable and copy it into the appropriate directory:

# sudo mv zettelstore /usr/local/bin/zettelstore

Create a group named zettelstore:

# sudo groupadd --system zettelstore

Create a system user of that group, named zettelstore, with a home folder:

# sudo useradd --system --gid zettelstore \
    --create-home --home-dir /var/lib/zettelstore \
    --shell /usr/sbin/nologin \
    --comment "Zettelstore server" \

Create a systemd service file and store it into /etc/systemd/system/zettelstore.service:


ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/zettelstore run -d /var/lib/zettelstore


Double-check everything. Now you can enable and start the zettelstore as a service:

# sudo systemctl daemon-reload
# sudo systemctl enable zettelstore
# sudo systemctl start zettelstore

Use the commands systemctl and journalctl to manage the service, e.g.:

# sudo systemctl status zettelstore  # verify that it is running
# sudo journalctl -u zettelstore     # obtain the output of the running zettelstore