The ''run-simple'' sub-command

zettelstore run-simple

This sub-command is implicitly called, when an user starts Zettelstore by double-clicking on its GUI icon. It is s simplified variant of the run sub-command.

First, this sub-command checks if it can read a Zettelstore startup configuration file by trying the default values. If this is the case, run-simple just continues as the run sub-command, but ignores any command line options (including -d DIR).1

If no startup configuration was found, the sub-command allows only to specify a zettel directory. The directory will be created automatically, if it does not exist. This is a difference to the run sub-command, where the directory must exists. In contrast to the run sub-command, other command line parameter are not allowed.

zettelstore run-simple [-d DIR]
-d DIR

Specifies DIR as the directory that contains all zettel.

Default is ./zettel (.\zettel on Windows), where . denotes the “current directory”.

  1. This allows a curious user to become an intermediate user. ↩︎