The ''run'' sub-command

zettelstore run

This starts the web service.

zettelstore run [-a PORT] [-c CONFIGFILE] [-d DIR] [-debug] [-p PORT] [-r] [-v]

Specifies the TCP port through which you can reach the administrator console. See the explanation of admin-port for more details.


Specifies CONFIGFILE as a file, where startup configuration data is read. It is ignored, when the given file is not available, nor readable.

Default: tries to read the following files in the “current directory”: zettelstore.cfg, zsconfig.txt, zscfg.txt, _zscfg, and .zscfg.

-d DIR

Specifies DIR as the directory that contains all zettel.

Default is ./zettel (.\zettel on Windows), where . denotes the “current directory”.


Allows better debugging of the internal web server by disabling any timeout values. You should specify this only as a developer. Especially do not enable it for a production server. contains a good explanation for the usefulness of sensitive timeout values.


Specifies the integer value PORT as the TCP port, where the Zettelstore web server listens for requests.

Default: 23123.

Zettelstore listens only on, e.g. only requests from the current computer will be processed. If you want to listen on network card to process requests from other computer, please use listen-addr of the configuration file as described below.


Puts the Zettelstore in read-only mode. No changes are possible via the web user interface / via the API.

This allows to publish your content without any risks of unauthorized changes.


Be more verbose when writing logs.

Command line options take precedence over configuration file options.