Supported Zettel Roles

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The role key defines what kind of zettel you are writing. The following values are used internally by Zettelstore and must exist:

If you want to use authentication, all zettel that identify users of the zettel store must have this role.

Beside of this, you are free to define your own roles.

The role zettel is predefined as the default role, but you can change this.

Some roles are defined for technical reasons:

A zettel that contains some configuration data for the Zettelstore. Most prominent is 00000000000100, as described in 00001004020000.
All zettel that document the inner workings of the Zettelstore software. This role is used in this specific Zettelstore.

If you adhere to the process outlined by Niklas Luhmann, a zettel could have one of the following three roles:

A small note, to remember something. Notes are not real zettel, they just help to create a real zettel. Think of them as Post-it notes.
Contains some remarks about a book, a paper, a web page, etc. You should add a citation key for citing it.
A real zettel that contains your own thoughts.

However, you are free to define additional roles, e.g. material for literature that is web-based only, slide for presentation slides, paper for the text of a scientific paper, project to define a project, …