List of supported logging levels

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Zettelstore supports various levels of logging output. This allows you to see the inner workings of Zettelstore, or to avoid it.

Each level has an associated name and number. A lower number signals more logging output.

Trace1Show most of the inner workings
Debug2Show many internal values that might be interesting for a Zettelstore developer.
Sense3Display sensing events, which are not essential information.
Info4Display information about an event. In most cases, there is no required action expected from you.
Warn5Show a warning, i.e. an event that might become an error or more. Mostly invalid data.
Error6Notify about an error, which was handled automatically. Something is broken. User intervention is not required, in most cases. Monitor the application.
Fatal7Notify about a significant error that cannot be handled automatically. At least some important functionality is disabled.
Panic8The application is in an uncertain state and notifies you about its panic. At least some part of the application is possibly restarted.
Mandatory9Important message will be shown, e.g. the Zettelstore version at startup time.
Disabled10No messages will be shown

If you set the logging level to a certain value, only messages with the same or higher numerical value will be shown. E.g. if you set the logging level to “warn”, no “trace”, “debug”, “sense", and”info“messages are shown, but”warn“,”error“,”fatal“,”panic“, and”mandatory"" messages.