List of supported commands of the administrator console


Closes the connection to the administrator console.

config SERVICE

Displays all valid configuration keys for the given service.

If a key ends with the hyphen-minus character (“-”, U+002D), the key denotes a list value. Keys of list elements are specified by appending a number greater than zero to the key.


Toggles CRLF mode for console output. Changes end of line sequences between Windows mode (\r\n) and non-Windows mode (\n, initial value). Often used on Windows telnet clients that otherwise scramble the output of commands.


Displays the content of the internal search index.

dump-recover RECOVER

Displays data about the last given recovered internal activity.

The value for RECOVER can be obtained via the command stat core, which lists all overview data about all recoveries.


Toggles the echo mode, where each command is printed before execution.


Stops profiling the application.


Display environment values.


Displays a list of all available commands.


Displays current configuration data.

get-config shows all current configuration data.

get-config SERVICE shows only the current configuration data of the given service.

get-config SERVICE KEY shows the current configuration data for the given service and key.


Toggles the header mode, where each table is show with a header nor not.


Displays or sets the logging level for the kernel or a service.

log-level shows all known log level.

log-level NAME shows log level for the given service or for the kernel.

log-level NAME VALUE sets the log level for the given service or for the kernel. VALUE is either the name of the log level or its numerical value.


Displays some values that reflect the inner workings of Zettelstore. See here for a technical description of these values.


Displays next configuration data. It will be the current configuration, if the corresponding services is restarted.

next-config shows all next configuration data.

next-config SERVICE shows only the next configuration data of the given service.

next-config SERVICE KEY shows the next configuration data for the given service and key.

profile [PROFILE] [FILE]

Starts to profile the software with the profile PROFILE and writes profiling data to file FILE. If PROFILE is not given, a value CPU is assumed, which specifies to profile CPU usage. If FILE is not given, a value will be used.

Other values for PROFILE are: goroutine, heap, allocs, threadcreate, block, and mutex. In the future, more values may be appropriate. See the Go documentation for details.

This feature is dependent on the internal implementation language of Zettelstore, Go. It may be removed without any further notice at any time. In most cases, it is a tool for software developers to optimize Zettelstore's internal workings.


Refresh all internal data about zettel.

restart SERVICE

Restart the given service and all other that depend on this.


Displays s list of all available services and their current status.


Sets a single configuration value for the next configuration of a given service. It will become effective if the service is restarted.

If the key specifies a list value, all other list values with a number greater than the given key are deleted. You can use the special number “0” to delete all values. E.g. set-config box box-uri-0 any_text will remove all values of the list box-uri-.


Terminate the Zettelstore itself (and closes the connection to the administrator console).


Start the given service and all dependent services.


Display some statistical values for the given service.


Stop the given service and all other that depend on this.