Identifier Key Type

Values of this type denote a zettel identifier.

Allowed values

Must be a sequence of 14 digits (“0”–“9”).

Query comparison

Search values with more than 14 characters are truncated to contain exactly 14 characters.

When the search operators “less”, “not less”, “greater”, and “not greater” are given, the length of the search value is checked. If it contains less than 14 digits, zero digits (“0”) are appended, until it contains exactly 14 digits.

All other comparisons assume that up to 14 characters are given.

Comparison is done through the string representation.

In case of the search operators “less”, “not less”, “greater”, and “not greater”, this is the same as a numerical comparison.

For example, “000010” matches “00001006032000”.


Sorting is done by comparing the String values.

If both values are identifiers, this works well because both have the same length.