API: Delete a zettel

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Deleting a zettel within the Zettelstore is executed on the first box that contains that zettel. Zettel with the same identifier, but in subsequent boxes remain. If the first box containing the zettel is read-only, deleting that zettel will fail, as well for a Zettelstore in read-only mode or if authentication is enabled and the user has no access right to do so.

The endpoint to delete a zettel is /z/{ID}, where {ID} is a placeholder for the zettel identifier. You must send a HTTP DELETE request to this endpoint:

# curl -X DELETE

HTTP Status codes


Delete was successful, there is no body in the response.


You are not allowed to delete the given zettel. Maybe you do not have enough access rights, or either the box or Zettelstore itself operate in read-only mode.


Zettel not found. You probably specified a zettel identifier that is not used in the Zettelstore.