Endpoints used by the API

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All API endpoints conform to the pattern [PREFIX]LETTER[/ZETTEL-ID], where:


is the URL prefix (default: “/”), configured via the url-prefix startup configuration,


is a single letter that specifies the resource type,


is an optional 14 digits string that uniquely identify a zettel.

The following letters are currently in use:

LetterWithout zettel identifierWith zettel identifierMnemonic
aPOST: client authenticationAuthenticate
PUT: renew access token
xGET: retrieve administrative dataExecute
POST: execute command
zGET: list zettel/query zettelGET: retrieve zettelZettel
POST: create new zettelPUT: update zettel
DELETE: delete zettel
MOVE: rename zettel1

The full URL will contain either the “http” oder “https” scheme, a host name, and an optional port number.

The API examples will assume the “http” schema, the local host “”, the default port “23123”, and the default empty PREFIX “/”. Therefore, all URLs in the API documentation will begin with “”.

  1. Renaming a zettel is deprecated and will be removed in version 0.19 or later. ↩︎