Endpoints used by the API

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All API endpoints conform to the pattern [PREFIX]LETTER[/ZETTEL-ID], where:

is the URL prefix (default: /), configured via the url-prefix startup configuration,
is a single letter that specifies the ressource type,
is an optional 14 digits string that uniquely identify a zettel.

The following letters are currently in use:

LetterWithout zettel identifierWith zettel identifierMnemonic
aPOST: client authenticationAuthenticate
PUT: renew access token
jGET: list zettel AS JSONGET: retrieve zettel AS JSONJSON
POST: create new zettelPUT: update a zettel
DELETE: delete the zettel
MOVE: rename the zettel
lGET: list referencesLinks
mGET: retrieve metadataMetadata
oGET: list zettel orderOrder
pGET: retrieve parsed zettelParsed
rGET: list rolesRoles
tGET: list tagsTags
uGET unlinked referencesUnlinked
vPOST: encode inlinesGET: retrieve evaluated zettelEvaluated
xPOST: execute commandGET: list zettel contextContext
zGET: list zettelGET: retrieve zettelZettel
POST: create new zettelPUT: update a zettel
DELETE: delete zettel
MOVE: rename zettel

The full URL will contain either the http oder https scheme, a host name, and an optional port number.

The API examples will assume the http schema, the local host, the default port 23123, and the default empty PREFIX. Therefore, all URLs in the API documentation will begin with