Zettelmarkup: Verbatim Blocks

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Verbatim blocks are used to enter text that should not be interpreted. They begin with at least three grave accent characters (“`”, U+0060) at the first position of a line. Alternatively, a modifier letter grave accent (“ˋ”, U+02CB) is also allowed1.

You can add some attributes on the beginning line of a verbatim block, following the initiating characters. The verbatim block supports the default attribute: when given, all spaces in the text are rendered in HTML as open box characters (U+2423). If you want to give only one attribute and this attribute is the generic attribute, you can omit the most of the attribute syntax and just specify the value. It will be interpreted as a (programming) language to support colorizing the text when rendered in HTML.

Any other character in this line will be ignored

Text following the beginning line will not be interpreted, until a line begins with at least the same number of the same characters given at the beginning line. This allows to enter some grave accent characters in the text that should not be interpreted.

For example:


will be rendered in HTML as:

This is  some
text with no 
  real sense.

will be rendered as:

  1. On some devices, such as an iPhone / iPad, a grave accent character is harder to enter and is often confused with a modifier letter grave accent. ↩︎