Zettelmarkup: Summary of Formatting Characters

The following table gives an overview about the use of all characters that begin a markup element.

"Verse blockShort inline quote
#Ordered listmarked / highlighted text
%Comment blockComment
'(free)Computer input
*Unordered liststrongly emphasized text
,(free)Sub-scripted text
-Horizontal ruleen-dash
:Region block / description textInline region
;Description term(free)
<Quotation block(free)
=HeadingsComputer output
>Quotation listsInserted text
@Inline-Zettel blockInline-zettel snippet
[(reserved)Linked material, citation key, footnote, mark
\(blocked by inline meaning)Escape character
](reserved)End of link, citation key, footnote, mark
^(free)Super-scripted text
_(free)Emphasized text
`Verbatim blockLiteral text
{TransclusionEmbedded material, Attribute
|Table row / table cellSeparator within link and embed formatting
}End of TransclusionEnd of embedded material, End of Attribute
~Evaluation blockDeleted text