Zettelmarkup: Transclusion

A transclusion allows to include the content of other zettel into the current zettel.

The transclusion specification begins with three consecutive left curly bracket characters (“{”, U+007B) at the first position of a line and ends with three consecutive right curly bracket characters (“}”, U+007D). The curly brackets delimit either a zettel identifier or a searched zettel list. You can add some attributes, although a transclusion does not support the default attribute. Any other characters in this line will be ignored.

This leads to three variants of transclusions:

  1. Transclusion of the content of another zettel into the current zettel. This is done if you specify a zettel identifier, and is called zettel transclusion.
  2. Transclusion of the list of zettel references that satisfy a query expression. This is called query transclusion.
  3. Transclusion of the content of an image, referenced by a hosted or based link / URL.

The first two variants are described on separate zettel: