Query Expression

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A query expression allows you to search for specific zettel and to perform some actions on them. You may select zettel based on a list of zettel identifier, based on a query directive, based on a full-text search, based on specific metadata values, or some or all of them.

A query expression consists of an optional zettel identifier list, zero or more query directives, an optional search expression, and an optional action list. The latter two are separated by a vertical bar character (“|”, U+007C).

A query expression follows a formal syntax.

Here are some examples, which can be used to manage a Zettelstore:

Query ExpressionMeaning
role:configurationZettel that contains some configuration data for the Zettelstore
ORDER REVERSE created LIMIT 4040 recently created zettel
ORDER REVERSE published LIMIT 4040 recently updated zettel
PICK 4040 random zettel, ordered by zettel identifier
dead?Zettel with invalid / dead links
backward!? precursor!?Zettel that are not referenced by other zettel
tags!?Zettel without tags
expire? ORDER expireZettel with an expire date, ordered from the nearest to the latest
00001007700000 CONTEXTZettel within the context of the given zettel
PICK 1 | REDIRECTRedirect to a random zettel